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Who hires a professional organizer?!

by Jessica Huavi

1. Anybody who wants one! You don’t have to be a “special case” of disorganization to call in some help. This is a luxury service that anyone would enjoy if they could.



2. Is it wasteful to call someone else when I should just do this myself? You would hire a personal trainer if you wanted to get in the best shape of your life, or a plumber if you had a leaky pipe. Of course we can do these things ourselves, but for the easiest experience, you can call a pro to get it done.


3. Won’t people judge me for hiring help? They would be envious that you took the initiative to take care of yourself/home in this way. Get on the self-care train, it feels great! (Also, they don’t even have to know you didn’t do it yourself ;)


4. “But my husband doesn’t want anyone coming into our house!.“ This is VERY normal. He just doesn’t know how great this will feel once we get started. If this is the case, wait till you see how he feels when you’re totally relaxed and the house looks great with much less effort. By the time we leave, he will be our biggest fans!

5. The first step is the email/call, and the rest will get easier from there, we promise! So what are you waiting for? Let go of that frustration, and the “someday” mindset. Make tomorrow easier for you today, and take the leap! Visit and let us change your life.

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