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Birthday Preparedness for the Organized Woman

by Jessica Huavi of Jessica Huavi Professional Organizing

Spring is on it's way, and so the rush of birthday celebrations begins in my family. 

This used to overwhelm me, rushing out for those last-minute cards and gifts. Getting the call that we would be having someone's B-day BBQ THIS WEEKEND on Friday morning is not fun. I came to realize the problem: I was disorganized at birthdays! Just like everything else in our lives and homes, not having a system in place backfires. So I want to tell you how I set about correcting this, and how it can help you.

Step 1: Call Grandma. This lady has been collecting a dossier of information on your entire family for 70+ years that would put the NSA to shame. She is the family historian, and has everybody's birth date recorded in her address book. (Anything Grandma doesn't know, you can find on Facebook birthdays.) P.S. She will also appreciate the call.

Step 2: Enter all of those dates into your Google calendar, and you shall be set free! Relying on memory for anything these days is silly and dangerous, we have technology for a reason.

Even if you don't end up doing something with them, it means a lot to people if you just send them a quick text or call. What are we here for if not to let our loved ones know we care, and are thinking of them on their special day?

Step 3: Here's where you can REALLY buy yourself some bonus points in preparedness, get a stash of blank birthday cards. If you find some on sale, just grab a stack and keep them with your birthday gift wrap. This has saved me so many times!

Buying a really specific card can be time consuming, and personally I feel that a handwritten note is so much more impactful than a pre-written message you just sign your name to. (Yawn)

Step 4: If you don't already have a gift wrap center or container in your home, I highly suggest creating one. Personally I have a hanging organizer with Christmas wrap on one side, birthdays on the other. It's a fact of life that we all give gifts, so setting up a small area for that just helps it be more enjoyable. You should keep scissors, tape, ribbon, and gift tags in it.

I think it is important to try and streamline some things in life so that we may spend more time enjoying, and less time rushing. Everybody wants to be that lady that is known for always having the cutest gifts, and the most heartfelt cards don't they? Let's spend a little time planning ahead so we may enjoy these moments, instead of showing up sweating and panting at the party. Save that energy for the pinata!

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